Māori Battalion Museum

Te Rau Aroha, located at the Waitangi treaty grounds, is filled with the stories of the New Zealand wars, the Boer War and focuses on both the Pioneer Battalion of WWI and the Māori Battalion.

It also showcases stories of those who supported the war effort from back home, such as Māori school children fundraising to purchase a mobile canteen as a 'token of love' to cheer on the Māori Battalion who were far from home.

This project required supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of new mechanical plant and included detailed design of some aspects of the systems such as plant supports and fixings, and electrical and controls works.

Elements of the project included:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Heat pump air conditioning systems
  • Chilled and heating water systems
  • Temperature and humidity control systems
  • Electrical work associated with the mechanical plant
  • Automatic controls work associated with the mechanical plant
  • Testing, commissioning, two weeks reliability running, and demonstration of all systems
  • Code Compliance Certificate and Electrical Certificate of Compliance
  • Maintenance manuals and as-built drawings
  • Maintenance/defects liability/guarantee

No parts of this project needed to be outsourced or sub-contracted. This in-house capability assists in project communication, continuity and ultimately the delivery of the final outcome to our clients’ satisfaction.

The Maori Battalion Museum was opened in February 2020 and it is a popular tourist attraction at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. It is a contemporary, immersive and interactive museum that incorporates state of the art technology to help bring its stories to life.