Hawaiki Data Centre

Hawaiki’s transoceanic telecommunications infrastructure links New Zealand and Australia to Hawaii and the United States. At its core is a 15,000km telecommunication cable connecting that provides the fastest link between 356 million consumers in those countries.

The project to build the Hawaiki state-of-the-art Network Operation Centre in Mangawhai Heads was led by Trigg Construction and McKay Electrical.

Airzone worked with McKay Electrical through the design stages to ensure the HVAC solution for the project was deliverable and that the right parts and materials could be sourced within the timeframes stipulated. The project completion coincided with the cable reaching New Zealand and all contractors had to be finished by this time to allow the cable to be terminated in the building.

During the project Airzone, McKay Electrical and Trigg Construction kept to tight deadlines through careful project management and work-flow coordination to ensure we didn’t impede each other through the build process. And as the data room was an exposed environment, all workmanship was completed to high quality standards.

The Mangawhai Heads site was relatively remote so parts and labour supply had to be accurately planned to ensure the right resources were available as required; and additional supply trips kept to a minimum.

Process coolers were installed into the transmission room to enable close temperature and humidity control, along with controlled fresh air to keep the room at a positive pressure. All these systems were installed with 100% redundancy and wired into the sites Building Management System so the customer had the ability to get alarms from the site and carry out changeovers should there be an issue of any kind.

Due to the size of the room and the amount of fresh air coming in, dehumidifiers were fitted to the intake to reduce the loading on the process coolers. These components were all designed and fabricated in-house by Airzone which allowed tight quality control and enhanced speed of delivery.

This project was completed in 2018 and met all client expectations. Airzone have continued to work in partnership with both McKay Electrical and Trigg Construction on a range of other successful projects.