Golden Bay Cement

As New Zealand’s longest standing cement manufacturer, Golden Bay Cement part of the Fletcher group of companies are proud to deliver a genuine New Zealand product of the finest quality, fit for a wide range of applications and backed by technical expertise and support.

The manufacturing process, at certain stages, can develop a lot of heat, dust and airborne particulates.

The safety and wellbeing of the team members in the manufacturing process is incredibly important.

Airzone has delivered a scaled Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) solution to enhance the air quality at specific parts of the manufacturing process, as part of a companywide focus and commitment to health and safety.

Golden Bay had engaged Airzone around improving ventilation and reducing the heat in their plant which required an innovative solution. Airzone managed to design, source and install large ventilation fans that effectively reduced the temperature as well as providing better ventilation.

Airzone has also designed and installed new HVAC for Golden Bays Cement new substation.

A comprehensive scheduled service and maintenance plan is in place and Airzone has a team onsite to ensure correct plant performance and operational compliance, 24/7/365.