Boiler Replacement - Schools

The Government has launched a major new initiative to combat climate change that will require the public sector to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025. The Carbon Neutral Government Programme will require public sector agencies to measure and publicly report on their emissions and to offset any they can't cut by 2025.

Backed by the $200 million State Sector Decarbonisation Fund. The Fund provides grants (which are non-repayable by the recipient) to support changes that reduce carbon emissions by the public sector.

Priority is given to replacing fossil-fuelled boilers since they produce the most emissions, including coal, oil, diesel and gas boilers.

Schools can also use the Fund for upgrades of grid infrastructure (including installation of new transformer) to enable installation of heat pumps if the existing infrastructure is insufficient eg. a remote rural school may apply to the Fund to upgrade a transformer and to install a heat pump solution.

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the upfront capital costs of installation, but not the ongoing operating costs.

Heat pumps deliver some compelling advantages versus fossil fuel systems;

  • Heat pumps offer vastly superior emission reductions
  • Properly designed and operated heat pump systems are very energy efficient
  • Heat pumps are quiet, reliable and easy to maintain
  • Multiple heat pumps may be distributed around a school, reducing distribution heat-losses and improve heating efficiencies
  • There are generally significant operating cost savings. including fuel and labour costs
  • There are no logistical requirements required to order and store fuel on school grounds

Airzone is recognised by the Ministry of Education as a preferred supplier of heat pump solutions to replace fossil fuel systems for schools in Northland and Auckland.