Channel Infrastructure NZ

The Channel Infrastructure NZ (previously Refining NZ) partnership has evolved into a full facilities management solution that looks after the whole site. Services include HVAC solutions, grounds maintenance, plumbing, commercial cleaning, electrical and painting. These services are supplied 24/7/365 with guaranteed response times.

This partnership evolved as Airzone stepped in to complete everyday maintenance roles with a simple and easy booking system which gives the Refinery team clear communication and awareness of activity being completed and planned, along with all budget information.

Airzone has designed new HVAC solutions as the business model for Channel Infrastructure evolved and works closely with the refinery project delivery teams to identify opportunities to reduce energy usage at the site. A Control Room Heating project is currently in the design stage, the scope includes installing a hot water heat pump as the plant steam boiler is shut down and removed.

Airzone has a comprehensive scheduled service and maintenance program for Channel Infrastructure NZ backed with a constant site presence to ensure optimum plant performance.